If I’m paying you, how does that save me money?

How much money you will save depends entirely on how much you bill out for your time when you are working, and how much you value your time when you are not.

A professional administrative assistant can accomplish basic office tasks in (often) less than half the time as someone who has not learned this skill set.  Let’s take a look at the following example.

A trades person/business owner finally convinces themselves to walk into their office, and tackle the paperwork that has been cluttering their desk for the past three weeks.  They’ve been working 10 (sometimes 12) hour days on a couple of big contracts, and this is really the first day they’ve had available to work on their dreaded paperwork.  They’ll be back on the job tomorrow, so they know they have to buckle down as bills are due, and invoices need to be created.  Six hours later, all the mail has been opened, emails read/responded to, cheques written, receipts organized, and invoices created.  An administrative assistant can take care of all of these tasks in three (3) hours rather than the six hours it took the business owner.

In basic math, this translates as follows:

The business owner charges $60/hour when they are billing clients, the administrative assistant charges $35/hour.

6 hours x $60 = $360.00
3 hours x $35 = $105.00

And how much value do you put on your personal time where you can play golf, go fishing, or just hang out with your family?  Priceless?  So paying an administrative assistant to do your paperwork which will either allow you more time to work for your clients and make money, or will allow you to take some personal time to do the things you enjoy.  Is that worth $105.00?

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