Available Services

People’s brains work differently from each other.  It is important when setting up organizational strategies that the implemented approach will actually work for the individual.  This means that understanding how the person’s mind works is critical to setting up a usable strategy.

What does this mean?  Rhiannon meets with all the individual’s responsible for processing paperwork in their actual work space, and spends some time learning what each individual is hoping for as an end result.  Knowing the office space and equipment available as well as understanding the needs of each individual helps to determine exactly what will work for your business.

What kind of strategies will be helpful? That depends entirely on what is needed by the business; however, better organization and a more professional appearance will save time and money.  Maybe it’s simply updating the bookkeeping software so that invoices, statements, etc. are sent out using a professional template.  Or maybe the filing system is outdated and/or non-existent.  It is amazing how much time can be saved simply by knowing where to look for a file.  Re-organizing the office space by placing regularly used supplies where they are used will save a large amount of time (which translates into money) over the course of a week, month, year.